Why Do You Need to Install Free Wi-Fi in Your Hotel?

Hotel Internet Most hotel guests are business and travelling people. These kinds of people always need an access to the internet because of their business deals and travel plans. One of the things that frustrate them is a poor or costly Wi-Fi connection, and they often tag it as an example of a bad customer service. If you do not invest in free Wi-Fi for your hotel, you might lose a substantial amount of revenue.

  1. Waived Fees

Complaints related to internet connection might turn into the guest’s decision to check out immediately. In some instances, the guest may demand to have their fees waived due to an unpleasant customer service. As a result, the hotel not only gains negative feedback, but also loses money.

  1.  Negative Brand Online

Feedback is a powerful tool in the brand marketing of any business. If many hotel guests post and share negative feedback about the hotel’s internet connection, the hotel brand will have a negative image online. Once posted on the Internet, these feedback are hard to delete. So, when potential guests browse the Internet and check reviews of the hotel, they will read all the negative comments. The hotel could lose returning guests, as well as potential ones.

  1. No Corporate Events

Corporate events can bring a lot of revenue to a hotel. If the hotel does not have a free Wi-Fi, a company will most likely pull out of the deal and find another hotel with a better Wi-Fi solution.

Apart from location, employees and facilities, Wi-Fi connection can make or break a guest’s experience in a hotel. It is significant that hotel owners invest in wireless connection and offer it free to guests, as this is an apparent sign of great customer service.