What Type of Industrial Water Pump Should You Use?

Water PumpAn industrial water pump is a mechanical device used to transport water or other liquids continuously from one point to another. One of its primary purposes is to rapidly remove water from an area (dewatering) during torrential rains to reduce flooding and downtime in the area. Industrial water pumps come in two main types, namely, the centrifugal and the positive displacement pump. 

Centrifugal Pump

This kind of water pump uses a rotating impeller to move the liquid via a pressurised discharge. It is ideal for liquids with a low viscosity and high flow rates like acetone, refrigerants, and carbon disulphide.

When using this class of water pump, these are some of the things you need to be aware of:

  1. You need to first “prime” or fill the pump with the liquid to be transported for it to begin operating.
  2. Regular maintenance is necessary when transporting highly corrosive liquids. Routine maintenance should also be conducted to remove suspended solids in the impeller that could accelerate wear and tear.
  3. Low liquid flows could cause overheating, so ensure that there is sufficient liquid to be transported continuously or recirculate the fluid.
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This class of water pump is best for fire protection systems, wells, water pressure boosters, hot water circulation, and similar applications.

Positive Displacement Pump

This category of water pumps (also called rotary pumps) uses a flexible diaphragm that transports liquids in a constant and fixed flow rate. It is ideal for low flow, high-pressure transport of high viscosity fluids (e.g., honey, oil, glue, etc.) and sensitive solids. These pumps do not need to be regularly “bled” for air in the lines because they automatically do this in the process of pumping.

The major lookout for this class of water pump is that the clearance from the actual rotator and outer edge must be within a very close tolerance so that the pump can maintain a high pressure without needing to operate at high speed.

It is important to choose the right class of water pump for your specific needs. Apart from the viscosity of the liquid, other factors such as pump power (flow rate and capacity), pump material (dependent on the area where the pump is placed), motor power (electricity, gas or diesel), motor type (hydraulic or manual), and head discharge are important.

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