What to Consider When Selecting GIS Software

man assessing codes while eating pizzaIntegrating Geographic Information System (GIS) software into your business operations is a major move that will impact your productivity and profits. GIS will allow you to store and manage complex project data, and turn these into simple visuals for analysis and presentation.

However, the success of this move relies on your choice of a GIS application, notes LoadSpring. Making the wrong decision could cost you your investment. Here are some pointers to help you pick the most suitable GIS software for your business:

Mobile Support

With more and more smartphones having capabilities that match those of desktops, the application of GIS has gone a notch higher. You can either use or update data on your mobile device. That means you can operate even when out of your office.

Data Management

Over time, GIS data can be too much and thus hard to manage. Therefore, your software should allow the updating of data from other applications.


Traditionally, the purpose of GIS applications is to allow the viewing of vector data. However, there’s a need for the app to allow for data visualization, reporting, and analysis. The analytics of the software will influence the usability of the application.

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Proprietary Licensing vs. Open Source

Open source software can handle the basic requirements in GIS. However, there are issues such as untimely upgrades, limited support, and security issues. These issues could affect the ability to scale the operations for future use. Proprietary licensing, on the other hand, offers you the ability to expand your operations, support, and upgrades.

Assessment of Requirements

Before choosing any software, analyze the requirements and specific needs for your business. That will influence the sets of data that you can view on your GIS platform. The features should meet both current and future requirements of your company.

Besides checking for these features and capabilities in GIS software, the app should meet the ISO/IEC 12207:2008 requirements for a software application. You can then be sure that incorporating it in your business will guarantee returns.