Types of Pager Systems

woman using pagerEspecially within limited areas, pager systems remove the need for cell phones. Many organizations have used pagers for many years due to their convenience and reliability, especially in places such as hospitals and other hectic environments. Industry expert Kallpod will tell you the same.

Staff paging is one of the ideal methods of communicating, especially in the case of emergencies. In general, these systems fall into two categories — automatic or manual. They will deliver information using numbers, alerts or an alphanumeric messaging system.

Alert pager systems

These pagers just buzz or beep to let the user know that they are needed. From then, the user can call a central line, or any other number previously agreed upon to get their message. Alert pagers are the most popular kind. Nursery schools and churches also use them.

Numeric and alphanumeric pager systems

This kind of pager will show the number that is calling and, in some cases, a return call number. Sometimes, one can customize the pager to show numbers with an attached meaning to the users.

These pagers can be either two-way or one-way. The one-way pager will display a text message, but you cannot respond. The two-way pager, on the other hand, allows a response in the form of a text message. Numeric pagers are common in hospitals as it boosts efficiency and speed.

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Voice pagers

As the name suggests, voice pagers will allow the user to record an audio message. Voice pagers have become less common recently with the availability of more cost-effective options. The choice of a pager to use should depend on the kind of message relayed.

For example, if it is an emergency message such as in a hospital, the numeric pager is appropriate. A voice pager could also be useful in a school (e.g., to give instructions).

While you can get each of them as manual or automatic systems, it is best to consider which ones will be effective. Remember, though, that most automated systems will offer the capabilities of a manual page as well.