Tips on Testing Your App’s Performance

App Testing Concept With Tablet And PhonePerformance is critical to the success of any mobile application; thus, the importance of running performance tests regularly. These tests allow you to measure user experience and traffic load, and proactively identify and resolve any performance issue. 

Below are four tips you should keep in mind when testing an app:

Determine what exactly you want to measure.

You must know the specific performance elements you want to be measured. This information will help you define what kind of output you expect from the tests. Moreover, it will let you identify the load testing tools that you should use.

Look at several test tools.

There are both paid and free performance and load testing tools in the market. What tools are best for your needs? Do not use the price as the yardstick to determine the best tools. You may find some free open source performance tools that do a great job too.

Pick a key business process at a time.

Do not test too many processes for performance. Pick a business process for testing at a time and get the results. This way, you will be able to make the necessary corrections. 

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Come up with a solid test plan and follow it through.

Your test plan must include business process steps, goal load levels, acceptable response durations, and the name of the transactions. Use these items in the performance testing. Compare the results with the goals, but do not twist the goals to match the results. 

Once you have tested your apps, you can tell what needs to be improved. This ensures that your app offers a robust user experience throughout the year. Remember that an excellent user experience encourages your clients to interact with the app regularly, resulting in higher sales. Whenever they encounter a poor performing app, on the other hand, they most likely uninstall it and find a better one.