Three Clever Uses of Thermal Printers in the Office

Thermal printer for cash receipt

It's a printer. Every company has at least one. If you're using thermal printers instead of laser printers, you're not bothering with the ink. All you need is to change the paper, and you're good to go. But is a printer really just for printing plain and boring pages of text? 

Not if you use it for the following: 

Giving Personalized Reminders 

That thermal printer can be you speaking to your colleagues to remind them about important deadlines. Simply use it to print a note you have on your phone that resembles your handwriting and you are good to go. As certain phone models use a stylus, the output looks pretty much like a handwritten note, except you didn't have to treat your colleagues to your messy handwriting. You also don't have to bother with erasures, because you can simply redo the note from scratch. 

Printing To-do Lists 

Especially if you have a small thermal printer, it becomes a handy tool for when you need to go and grab some office supplies at the last minute. You do not have to spend a few minutes just to collect your thoughts and remember what you need to buy. This involves keeping a to-do list on a phone app, of course, and you will just print that in your handy printer. Then you can be out the door in no time. It can also be used for home settings. 

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Posting Encouraging Photos 

You don't need to use thermal printers just for work. Sometimes everyone just needs a little encouragement to brighten their day. Print some post-it sized photos of cartoons or cats–anything your colleagues are into, really. If you print this on specialty paper that has a sticky backing, you can stick them on someone's desktop to catch their attention. 

It's these small personalization projects that make your office more fun. Any office equipment can help you get through the day with a smile on your face. You just need to be creative.