The Significance of Environmental Testing for Mobile Phone Manufacturers

Man Using A Phone The exposure of mobile phones to extreme weather conditions is nothing new. Some devices experience internal damage because of moisture, while the electronic components of others suffer because of extreme heat or cold. So, mobile phone manufacturers use new or refurbished environmental test chambers to find out how their devices respond to a series of environmental conditions.

An environmental chamber replicates different conditions to identify their effect on a certain product, material, or device. Here is a closer look at the most common of those conditions.

Exposure to Extreme Heat

Climate scientists from the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory acknowledge the fact that global warming may lead to heat stress and temperature extremes. The increasing heat will have an evident effect on people and the environment, but it will also affect mobile devices.

Extreme heat may cause mobile phone batteries to expand, explode, or release toxic chemicals. It may also result in cracks on the body of the device.

Exposure to Extreme Cold

Extreme cold does not result in exploding mobile phones, but it does have other undesirable effects. It results in faster battery drain or, during extended exposure, a dead battery.

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The temperature may cause liquid condensation which, in turn, results in shattered display panels or other screen issues. Furthermore, it may damage internal components and cause system malfunction of the device.

Exposure to Moisture

Moisture is a common environmental condition that causes mobile phone problems. It causes overheating, unresponsiveness, display issues, and charging problems. When left untreated, it could result in corrosion in the long run.

Apart from extreme temperatures and moisture, an environmental chamber measures other environmental conditions, too. It identifies what altitude, corrosion, and salt spray can do to a mobile phone. It may even test the electrodynamic vibrations and electromagnetic radiation.

Mobile phone manufacturers benefit from environmental testing. In finding out the durability and limitations of their products through proper testing, they also secure the safety of mobile phone users.