The Essential Requirements for the Travelling Artist’s Custom-Made Bags

Artist SuppliesWhen you ever needed to bring your art supplies around, you’ll know that it’s a bit tricky trying carrying everything in one bag or even three. No matter how you pack it up or divide it, you’ll end up with something broken, spilled, or damaged. Why not get a custom- made artist’s bag just so everything will fit just right? 

Here are a few included features for your new bag.

Brush and Pen Holder Roll

Whatever medium you use or how many tools you bring around, get a wrap that can handle them with care. Choose a material that’s thin enough to not add space when fully rolled, but at the same time won’t damage your more delicate brushes and holders. Give enough room for each compartment to fit at least five pieces. As you become more skilled in your work and buy more tools, you’ll need to space them out properly. It’s no fun when you need a brush and suddenly can’t find them in the pile.

Canvas/Portfolio Sleeve

You can be the most skilled painter in your city or a complete newbie and you’d still find a ruined portfolio devastating. Rutan Poly Industries, Inc. recommends requesting a custom poly bag that snugly fits any size of artist canvas, especially the ones that you carry for urban sketching or art meet ups. Choose a customized bag that is water proof and heat resistant, especially with their inner lining and zipper.

Paint and Ink Bags

Depending on your medium, you might want to make this bag with multiple compartments that can house a full, portable palette flat on its back. Many amateur artists forget that semisoft watercolors still drip when placed on the side. If you prefer more liquid forms of paint and ink, then make the compartments fit various sizes of bottles, tubes, and containers.

An artist’s life is rarely clean. There’s going to be some spills and broken things at some point. If you’ve gone through that, just make it easy on yourself and get custom bags. At least then, you’d be in charge of what happens.