The Dirty Little Secrets of Your Couch

Couch Cleaning in UtahWhile you’re sitting comfortably on your couch, hidden health hazards lurk in it. They cause a number of diseases, from sniffles to heart failure. What dirty little secrets is your couch hiding?

ProKleen and other cleaning services will surely want to clean up for you. Apart from dust bunnies, here are a few things your dirty couch is hiding. They’re all quite nasty.

Grease and Oils

People secrete oils, and they get onto the couch when they sit on them. Leaving them without any cleaning or maintenance will just make them stick to the fabric. Sweat and fluids from others may cause irritation, especially among family members with sensitive skin. While this may not seem like a great cause for concern, you can’t expect your neighbors to want to sit on your couch, either.

Residues from Chemical Cleaners

Some household products have high toxicity and chemical content. The substances you use on your carpet may have high levels of volatile organic compounds, which cause breathing problems and inflammation during long periods of contact. In addition, they also add more indoor air pollutants in your home, spreading allergies and increasing the risk of respiratory diseases.

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Molds, Bacteria, Pollens, and Dust Particles

Fabrics absorb moisture, and when left dirty, they serve as a breeding ground for molds and bacteria. Dark, pungent-smelling spots on your armrest are signs of mold growth, which, if left unattended, can poison the body. Inhaling toxic molds can even lead to organ failure.

If you have young children, they take pollens and dust from their outdoor playtime to your upholstery. They trigger allergic reactions and asthma, among other health problems.

Dust particles are the most common triggers of nasal allergies, and prolonged exposure to them can cause inflammation in the respiratory tracks. In addition to that, you won’t want your kids to be playing with them or collecting them in their hands, bodies, and clothes.

A dirty couch is not just an eyesore; it’s also home to some of the most disgusting health hazards. If you haven’t yet, you may want to get rid of them now.