Stabilizing the Backbone of Data/Voice Networks

Business communication systems Business communication systems are complex bundles of wire you need to understand. This tapestry of connections, despite being complicated, is necessary in keeping organizations alive. In terms of communications, voice and data networks are your best shot.

To maintain good communication, pay attention to the network’s needs. For example, learning to improve reliability and addressing security issues can protect your network’s infrastructure.

Data Protection During Power Outages

“Traditional” phone lines can run over private voice/data networks. Local telephone companies may provide fiber-optic or copper facilities to improve exchanges with private companies. Despite the belief that the Internet is a separate entity, it also relies on access from telco-provided lines. While major power outages can interrupt network performance within the organization, telco-centered power outage is less likely.

Due to the numerous compromises of segments in voice/data networks, the chances of outages affecting the network increases by the number of players.  To protect your data, Tailwind Voice & Data, a network specialist, recommends obtaining assistance from multiple service providers, as well as using free-space communications.

The Right IT Infrastructure

If you have the funds, a fully-meshed network is the best bet for your configuration. Another approach you can try is diverse run network segments. Just remember: backup power systems are critical for all of your infrastructure hardware.

It is also important to locate your network equipment in secure areas. Using managed network services from third-party firms are also essential supplements to your primary network.

Protecting your Voice/Data Network Infrastructures

ALWAYS have backup for your network components (e.g. routers and switches). Remember to build an inventory of spare parts and other pieces of your equipment in case of a breakdown. To keep these from breaking down, regularly rotate usage and tag them accordingly.