Six Wrongs Your Content Might Be Guilty of and How to Make Them Right

content marketingContent specifically targeted to your audience is necessary in making a successful marketing strategy. Keep in mind that only good quality content gets shared if you are using social media to engage your audience.

You may be doing something wrong if your content is getting poor engagement. Here are some of the most common wrongs you might be guilty of, and the ways to resolve them.

Problem: Copying from an Authority Website

Solution: Look for ideas and inspiration on what else to create, instead of searching for articles you can just spin. Be creative enough to stand out from the clutter. More importantly, create posts that can make you an authority site.

Problem: Wrong Writing Style

Solution: Understand the language of your target readers so that they will neither be intimidated nor insulted when they read what you have written. Prepare a draft or outline to gather your thoughts and sort them out properly to make your content cohesive.

Problem: Wordiness

Solution: Write short but informative articles. Set a word limit, but make sure every post is well-researched. For longer articles, provide appropriate subheads and bullet points to avoid losing the interest of the reader.

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Problem: Improper Placement of Social-Sharing Buttons

Solution: Put your social-sharing buttons where users can locate them, and where they will not get in the way of your content. According to, strategic location would be the rightmost corner of the website since readers view from left to right, focusing more on the left side.

Problem: Wrong Execution and Impression

Solution: If you’re having a hard time expanding a short post into a full-blown article, it may be because it was not made to be written that way at all. Unleash your artistic side and transform it into an infographic instead to provide better visualisation.

Guilty of doing any of these wrongs? Do not worry. Just apply the corresponding solutions to enhance your content, and prove that content is still king.