Setting Up Shop: The Essentials of a Functioning Office

OfficeMicro-enterprises are a growing phenomenon in Australia. This is happening because many young entrepreneurs decide to take ventures into different trades. For some, growth is inevitable, and having to leave the small home-office to eventually set up shop at a larger location is only a matter of time.

Well, if you are one of these owners and planning to take your business to the next level with a fully-decked office, here are the top three elements you will need.


Provided that you already have the office all set up, the first thing you need is an instrument to manage all your resources. Creating your administration department provides you with command and control with your newly expanded operations. Under this department comes human resources to handle your employees and other workforce-related matters, accounting for the appropriation of funds and the payroll, and housekeeping.

Sales and Operations

Now that you have better base of operations for your company, the next step is to create an effective sales and operations department. This part of your office will handle all matters related to the bottomline: making profit. From marketing, to actual handling of transaction and sales, this department will be the main breadwinner of the company.

During the time when you were still working within your home-office, you may only have had to work with a small staff. But now that you have a complete office, this is where your workforce and capability will be beefed up. Supplement the department with the needed equipment, and they will work with great productivity.

ICT Infrastructure

Of course, with modern technology nowadays, most companies turn to having at least some sort of ICT infrastructure to support their office operations. ICT, or information and communication technology, is a complete game-changer. These include computers, phones, networking equipment and the like. You need only to enlist the help of a company that can provide your office with the right business IT solutions to set you up. Once done, your office will be armed with the equipment support all its operations from communications to handling your data and files.

Although there are a lot of other components you must consider when finally moving to a new office, here are the top three you must see to. Transition will not be easy, but with the right effort, resources and timing, you will manage.