SEO in 2017: What Does It Look Like?

SEOSearch engine optimization (SEO) never stops evolving — ever. 2016 saw a great year for the SEO game, but as 2017 takes its place, it’s time to lay out the groundwork for this year’s digital marketing landscape.

Experts believe that a number of 2016’s prominent trends will continue this 2017. But as Google’s algorithm updates continue to surprise business owners, new innovations will run their course too.

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Say Hello to More Snippets and Rich Answers

Everyone turns to Google for answers. In response to the user’s queries, the search engine displays require information directly in the results, plus more informative videos, websites, and reviews. Studies reveal that rich answers in search results doubled during 2014 to 2016.

If the trend continues, it will most likely double the numbers in the coming years.

The addition of structured data markups to sites increases your chances of achieving enhanced SERPs, getting featured in rich answers or, in the case of branded searches, encouraging the appearance of knowledge panels.

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More for Mobile

Since the onset of Mobilegeddon, mobile search has successfully reshaped the face of SEO. More users depend on their phones for answers; their growing pace also shows no signs of stopping. Statistics show that more users now shift away from their desktops and resort to their mobile phones more.

Since the rise in mobile users, Google took more steps, which transformed mobile into the default user experience.

Mobile optimization will remain valuable for SEO this 2017 — if not mandatory. It’s time to step the mobile game up a notch to overtake the competition.

The Next Big Thing: Voice Search

Voice search has been a part of the tech industry for years; its significance, however, has been realized only recently. As experts work out the kinks, users now consider it as the fastest-growing search option. It’s hands-free, futuristic, fast — and the next big thing.

Experts aim to go beyond just voice recognition and more into understanding. Changes to previous searches, information, and keywords will happen this 2017.

This year will be a big year for everyone. It’s very important for brands and marketers to be prepared for more changes.

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