Reasons Online Reputation Management Matters

Effects of online marketingAre you wondering why some of your customers decided to buy products from a competing brand? One of the reasons might be because of the bad reviews they read online or the competitor is more visible in social media. Your brand’s online reputation is important now than ever before, because of the rising number of potential and current customers surfing the Web for something better.

Minneapolis SEO experts cite a few practices that will help you improve your company’s online reputation.

The Importance of Images

Photos are becoming more important to online marketing success. Some marketers are looking for potential brand influencers in sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. The short attention span of people means that you have a small timeframe to convince them to follow your accounts or purchase your products. In such case, first impressions matter; with the right images on your social accounts and websites, your chances of converting a visitor increases.

Be careful in choosing the photos you upload, though. Choose images that embody your brand and tell your story. The image must represent your company’s values and brand the way you want it to.

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Get a Review

To legitimize your business, you need to hear the reviews of critics in your industry. Getting a review opens opportunities for growth, and enables you to move in the right direction. You might not like everything a critic says, but the things they say reveals pros and cons you may have missed. The words of experts aren’t the only things you listen to. Allow users and customers to review your offerings to understand their needs or wants.


Perception is reality; the content you share must contain your brand’s identity and values. Focus your campaigns on what you want your customers to think of your products. These can be associations to certain things related to your offerings or personas that your audience can relate to.

Online reputation management is important to the success of your brand. This enables you to connect with your audience and become a recognizable company.