Questioning Your SEO Data

SEO Companies in BrisbaneGoogle analytics and several other data gathering platforms and their subsequent improvements have made it easier for marketers to use and flaunt data as they see fit. However, numbers are just numbers if you don’t question them and put them in their proper context. Failing to do so makes your online marketing campaign less effective. You need to ask certain questions to stir your campaigns towards the right direction.

What are your objectives?

Some SEO companies in Brisbane agree that data is useless without an objective. A goal acts as your guide when it comes to identifying which data to keep and which ones to let go. Data within the context of your objectives enables your company to formulate an effective marketing strategy that connects with your target market. It also allows you to create separate campaigns depending on if you intend to boost traffic, convert at a higher rate or increase brand awareness.

What’s the progress you are making towards these objectives?

Objectives have no impact if you aren’t making any progress towards them. The data on your analytics tool will point out if you are heading in the right direction. Has your website traffic increased after implementing a certain campaign? Is your click-through rate higher? Did more visitors end up making a purchase or at least signing up as a reader? You ask these subsequent questions yourself when assessing the effectiveness of the data you gathered.

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What are the noteworthy changes?

A spike in bounce rate and the sudden popularity of one of your pages are noteworthy changes that you must put into context. This enables you to improve your marketing campaign and may be an indicator of a shift in user and visitor behaviour.

These are just a handful of questions that you must ask yourself about the SEO data you get from your analytics tools. The answers to these enable you to refine your marketing strategy to adapt to shifting behaviours or search engine updates.