Project Management: Collaboration via the Cloud

Cloud-based ProgramCloud-based or online project management solutions enable teams within an organization to collaborate and manage projects the early stages of development until completion. These solutions offer online tools running on a web-based UI or user interface and benefits over on-premises, traditional project management solutions.

What Exactly is a Cloud-Based Project Management Solution?

LoadSpring defines a cloud-based program or project management solution as capable of monitoring and managing a project’s lifespan, and provides functionalities for every standard task such as determining the budget and designating tasks to each member of the team. By providing all members with an updated view of the project’s progress, they could better collaborate and coordinate on projects.

Cloud-based management tools are cost-effective options for enterprises, small businesses, and even self-employed people. Likewise, since collaborators could easily access the platform from wherever they are with just an Internet connection, it’s extremely practical for collaborators located in various places around the world.

Along with the innovation of Internet services, more and more companies are offering cost-effective software solutions based completely in the cloud. Normally, they offer subscription-based prices instead of forcing customers to buy, install, and maintain the software they purchased on their own.

Cloud-based project management software also lends that modern feel and look because it’s meant to be delivered online, so users are assured of a superior UX or user experience. And since it’s built in the cloud, software vendors could easily host, maintain, and update the software for their customers. In turn, this significantly minimizes the need for a dedicated IT team for managing the infrastructure of the software. This likewise makes it much easier for users to operate the most recent software version because vendors automatically provide updates to their customers.

Purchasing Considerations

Once you’re ready to purchase a cloud-based project management solution for your company, you should first think about these important considerations:

  • The scope of the projects that you will be using the software for.
  • The number of collaborators that will be working on the project.
  • The amount of money you’re willing to spend.

Remember, project management is first and foremost about organization, and you can begin organizing by choosing the right cloud-based solution for the specific needs of your company.