Postage Meters: An Excellent Mailing Solution for Small Businesses

Postage SystemToday’s business landscape is increasingly becoming digitalized. In this regard, one may look at mailing solutions, including a postage meter machine on sale, as a now-obsolete piece of tech from yesteryears. Sadly, such an assumption is wrong. Businesses, especially smaller-scale ones, would still do well with a postage meter on their side — alluding to the tangible benefits described herewith.

Fast-Paced Mailing

In the past, bulk mailing was an absolute pain. One need only to imagine company mail rooms getting filled to the brim, with assigned employees manually handling tasks like printing postages and sending out massive volumes of invoices, billing statements, and others. With postage meters, the aforementioned tasks are more or less fully automated. Thus, fast-paced bulk mailing is completely achievable.

Lower Mailing Costs

Third-party USPs charge a hefty sum when it comes to postage, even if companies only send a handful of mail per week. Over the course of a full business year, postage expenses can easily stack up. Companies using postage meters, on the other hand, have it easier on their pockets. Since postage costs are paid in bulk amounts via phone, internet, or prepaid cards, set discounts can be applied for every item mailed with a postage meter. These discounts can save a business up to 20% in mailing expenses, which can be a lot if a company sends out tons of mail regularly.

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Better Workplace Efficiency

The benefits of a postage meter can either be completely apparent or a bit oblivious. The latter rings true for smaller-scale businesses; those with typically low-volume mailing requirements. In larger companies, however, the advantages are easy to see once a postage meter is brought in.

Marketing and sales firm are among those who benefit the most from postage meters, since they’re likely to send out promotional materials and mass mailings regularly. Without a postage meter, writing addresses, adding stamps, sealing envelopes, and other related tasks will be too tedious and time-consuming to be practical. When employees aren’t pre-occupied with mailing tasks, they can channel their efforts into their actual jobs, which can foster better workplace efficiency.