Personality-Based Research Predicts Your Chances of Being a Pilot

Pilots A pilot’s career is both rewarding and lucrative, which explains why many young and talented people want to be one. The growing number of corporate aviation and regional airlines has increased the demand for pilots. Those who want to take their chances should undergo pilot training and take a personality assessment test.

The Promising Venture

A study called The Predictive Power of Assessment for Pilot Selection revealed the connection between personality and chances of becoming successful pilot. Researchers said the test could predict if an individual can successfully accomplish the various requirements of the job. They assess particular competencies, personality, and abilities needed by pilots.

The specialists also teach the recruiters how to evaluate the given attributes using a psychometric test during the recruitment process. Moreover, the study revealed the mental and physical requirements of pilots.

The Impact of the Study

The team built their study on existing empirical findings and research coming from new validation studies. This newly discovered competency model would assist airline recruiters in choosing the right pilots. agrees that every time passengers board an aircraft, they hand over their lives to a total stranger.

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According to the head researcher, the study aims to support recruiters in finding pilots that could guarantee the safety of everybody on the plane. These competent pilots have to manage the tasks needed to supervise the crew before, during, and after the flight.

Besides the practical skills needed to operate an aircraft, the study emphasizes a pilot’s need for interactive, operational, and motivational competencies. Experts can assess precise cognitive skills and mental abilities of the candidates to identify their full potential at an early stage.

The study doesn’t only make the recruitment process for pilots easier, it also ensures the capabilities of the individual and the safety of the people on board.