Mission Unjammable: Exploring the Technology that the U.S. Army Uses for Electronic Warfare Against Russia

two soldiersThe U.S. Army defines electronic warfare (EW) as “military action involving the use of electromagnetic and directed energy to control the electromagnetic spectrum or to attack the enemy.”

According to Bill Conley, deputy director of Pentagon’s Office of Electronic Warfare, the country has failed to keep up with its adversaries in advancing the U.S.’s electronic warfare capabilities. This is why the Department of Defense developed new EW strategies that make the armed forces less vulnerable to EW attacks, especially from Russia.

Anti-Jamming Technology

American forces in Syria faced attacks from the Russians using electronic warfare weapons earlier this year, according to U.S. Special Operations Command General Raymond Thomas. Russian forces were successful in interfering with U.S. military operations in Syria, jamming U.S.’s communication channels.

To prevent this, the U.S. armed forces use Next-Generation Jammer and inertial simulators to form both an offensive and defensive line of protection.

Anti-Radiation Missiles

The Army also used anti-radiation missiles to suppress the enemy’s air defense. These missiles use the target’s emitted radiated energy as the mechanism for guidance into its target. Apart from this, the army also uses directed-energy weapons to deny, disrupt, or destroy an enemy’s equipment.

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Electromagnetic Deception

The U.S. armed forces use electromagnetic deception to reflect electromagnetic energy in a manner that transmits misleading information to an enemy or their electromagnetic-dependent weapons. This comes in three types, namely manipulative, stimulative, and imitative deception.

Electromagnetic Intrusion

This method involves the intentional insertion of false electromagnetic energy, like voice instructions or coordinates for fire missions, into an enemy’s transmission paths with the objective of causing confusion.

There are many other electronic technologies, both for attacking and defending, that the U.S. Army now utilize. To keep up with Russia’s EW advancement, the U.S. armed forces continue to invest more in the technology designed to defend the country’s assets.