McLuhan’s Implied Message: Effective Communication Matters to Your Bottom Line

Effective CommunicationAs many communication professionals know, the phrase “the medium is the message” is a term coined by English professor and philosopher of communication theory Marshall McLuhan. He explains that the form of medium one uses creates a symbiotic relationship with the meaning of the message. It also impacts the way a person perceives the message.

Small businesses have a narrow margin of error to boost their bottom line, reach their target market, and keep their customers loyal. The way they communicate with their audience will influence the success or failure of their company.

Targeted Communication Strategies

Many experts or business owners believe that print is dying or already dead; however, it is still very much alive. Magazines, newspapers and other publications may have seen substantial declines in revenue, but the ones that stayed have a loyal and engaged following. Online marketing is fast-paced and instantaneous, which makes it ideal for seasonal promotions. However, print’s advantage is that markets that buy publications are likely to be loyal and will re-read or even share a magazine or brochure to other people.

Small businesses can use both to benefit their company and reach a wider audience. The message they send through both mediums must be specific and have their target markets in mind. The ability to customise enables you to reach your audience at the right place and time. This allows you to build a relationship with them and show them that your business addresses their needs.

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Keeping Things Simple

NEOPOST cites document management system installation as one way to simplify the process of customising the message a user sends, whether it is in print or in digital format. Simplicity in one aspect of your business allows you to make operations run smoother, prevent delays and increase revenues.

Document management software is a cost-effective solution that automates and enables users to manage their document output. This allows you to send mail to the right person anywhere within or around Singapore. The software lets users set documents up for printing, folding and inserting.

Effective communication and simplified document management can improve your business’s processes and boost your company’s bottom line.