Law Enforcement Now and Then: How Technological Advances Help

Law EnforcementTechnology has changed many things, among them, law enforcement. Half a century ago, policemen were equipped with a police radio and knowledge of the nearest payphone. Today, they have cell phones, dashboard cameras, and computer terminals with internet connectivity within their police cruisers.

Record Keeping

Police records were typically handwritten and eventually typed then gathered into libraries of records. Plowing through these records could take a lot of time and effort. While there’s a definite advantage to paper records, these records are difficult to duplicate and can be destroyed by fires or floods. The movement to electronic record keeping has added another twist in that now, you have paper and electronic.

Police database software is now used to provide an easier way to collate and manage records, eFORCE Software explains. This makes it easier to find the necessary data when reviewing cases or adding new information when it is acquired. Such databases are vulnerable to hacking and information theft, however. This is why records management software worth its salt will always have excellent security features.

Social Media

A boon and bane in many aspects of today’s life and culture, social media also plays a role in law enforcement. On one hand, it has made relaying warnings and news to people faster. On the other hand, it has become a hunting ground for both criminals and online lynch mobs. Security techniques have to keep evolving to keep up with the criminals who have made this space their home. Laws have also been put into place to help alleviate online defamation.

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Non-Lethal Weapons

The use of lethal force creates division between police forces and the citizenry it protects. Technology now that applies a non-lethal effect on conventional weaponry allows the officer to take down suspects without killing. This goes a long way in ensuring officer safety and facilitating proper prosecution procedures.

Current technology is still a long way from reaching the level of what we see on TV. However, what is already in place can definitely ease the minds of a tense public.