Latest Techniques Used for Website Speed Optimization

someone using their gadgetsVirtually all businesses worldwide now have a website. Simply owning one and updating it time and again will, however, not do much for your company’s bottom line in today’s cutthroat competition.

There are several factors which determine a business’ online success key among them being your website’s search engine optimization.

SEO boosts your online visibility and enables you to reach your target market. One of the factors SEO expert Alkries LLC in Hollins Roanoke, VA, will advise you to optimize is the speed of your website. Here are the latest techniques used for speed optimization.

Enabling Browser Caching

Browser caching refers to a process of static file storage including media files, HTML documents, and JavaScript and CSS files. The storage makes these files faster and easier to access since your database need not retrieve the file anew each time it is requested.

The files a user accesses on your website are downloaded then stored in a cache on their hard drive thus reducing load times for repeat visitors.

Upgrading Web Hosting Plans

Most business owners opt for shared web hosting when creating a website since it is cheaper. You should, however, upgrade this plan as you grow. An increase in users and content will slow down your site. You can upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting, depending on your budget and website size.

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Implementing GZIP Compression

This solution allows you to reduce the sizes of your site’s files before sending them to your browser. GZIP compression minimizes your site’s HTTP requests consequently reducing the server’s response times. Your visitors only have to unzip the compressed files to access the content.

User experience is among the highest SEO ranking factors. With an optimized website speed thanks to the above techniques, you can be sure of enhanced user experience. Website speed optimization also increases the rates of your conversion since it keeps visitors on your site for an extended period allowing you to convince them.