Instagram Reveals New Time-Lapse App

time lapseTime-lapse videos are no longer a stationary affair. Photo and video sharing service Instagram has introduced Hyperlapse, a new time-lapse app that can capture high quality videos while the users are on the move.

Stabilization Engine

The app’s stabilization engine makes this possible. This technology works with iPhone’s built-in gyroscope to keep images from shaking. Users can now ditch the tripods and create amazing time-lapse videos on the go.

How It Works

According to the US social media company, Hyperlapse is an easy to use app. Users just need to tap once to begin recording and tap again to stop.The app provides options when it comes to playback speed. Users may choose between 1x-12x. They can save the video to their camera roll by just tapping a green check mark. They can then share their time-lapse videos on Instagram with all the usual filters.

Hyperlapse is currently available only for Apple’s iOS operating system.

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