Industries that Should Benefit from Improved Communication

customer paying in cafeThe end goal of all businesses should ideally be customer satisfaction. After all, customer satisfaction is what allows for repeat transactions. It is what inspires a loyal clientele. And, in the end, it is what turns in profit. Customer satisfaction begins here: good communication between service providers.

Here are three industries that cannot do without a reliable communication system.

Restaurant Industry

Is your restaurant one of those hectic places where reservations get maxed weeks or months early? Or sans reservations, your lobby easily accumulates with willing-to-wait customers?

As excited and patient as your customers are for what you will be serving, it is nonetheless your duty to ensure that table management is done with ease and accuracy.

With a wireless paging system you can acquire from firms such as Kallpod, outbound and inbound traffic in your restaurant can be made customer-friendly.

Hospital Industry

Think of this scenario: during a shift change, your outgoing staff neglects to accurately turnover duties to your incoming team. This then leads to patients receiving more doses of, let’s say, antiviral injections than necessary. You are then toying with a potential medical malpractice case here.

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In a study, results showed that 7,000 of 23,000 reported medical malpractice lawsuits directly relate to poor communication between hospital staff. You can alleviate this kind of risk by reinforcing your team with a practical communication system.

Airport Industry

New York’s LaGuardia Airport is a study in chaos. Inbound and outbound car traffic get confused due to all sorts of constructions. Not to mention cases of passengers lost between terminals due to change of flight plans.

You need to address this chaos needs from the ground up; equip airport staff with a communication system that will allow them to provide cohesive information to everybody.

One way to ensure that customers are satisfied is by making sure that every single member of your team is on the same page at any given time. This way, you provide accurate and consistent information to all of your guests.

This level of communication accuracy is crucial, and you can improve this through a wireless paging system that works.