Ideas for Becoming a Better Public Speaker

Public SpeakerPublic speakers are a breed apart. They can capture an audience's imagination and keep them focused for a period with their words, actions, presentations, and, often, humor. If you want to enhance your skills as a public speaker, and keep your audience focused on you, here are some suggestions.

Always Prepare Your Presentation

Preparation is important in public speaking. You can't come to the podium lightly. Especially when you’re speaking engagement demands the use of presentations, doing your PowerPoint slides at the last minute isn't a healthy practice. To make your presentation more informative and attention grabbing, create it a few days ahead of time. This will allow you to master the content and be spontaneous in your discussion of the points in your presentation. An expert from Kirk Douglas Video Productions said that if a video is needed, you should contact a professional for video production in Minnesota. A professionally prepared video is steps ahead in terms of execution and quality. After all, what your audience remembers is what's important, and a bad video presentation is not the image you want to be retained in their minds.

Look Relatable

This means, don't dress like a corporate stiff if your audience is not. An audience composed mainly of teenagers, for example, is not going to relate to a speaker whose attire reminds them of a politician. Though you’re not expected to dress exactly like your audience, do your best to come close to it. Jeans or casual slacks and a shirt with a collar, for example, are the outfit most regular people can relate to. Of course, the weather, the occasion, and the venue also have a part in dictating what you should be wearing.

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Speak with Authority but Use Humor

Again, this depends on the occasion and of course your topic. Humor keeps the mood light and more memorable. People don't like to get bored; they are likely to head for the exits if you make them yawn. Something funny but related to your topic will take them out of impending boredom and keep them entertained while also receiving your message. What you should aim for is a perfect balance between humor and the serious side of your discussion.

As a public speaker, you have the power to influence and keep your audiences in awe. You can sway their opinion and make them take action. So practice and prepare; make them believe that you’re there in front of them for a reason.