How to Use Social Media to Boost SEO

social media sitesSearch engine optimisation and social media marketing may seem like entirely separate strategies. Many people think that these methods work differently and do not coincide.

Ask a professional SEO consultant, however, and you will learn that these two actually complement each other well. In fact, you can boost your SEO through social media marketing. But how can you do that? You might ask. Read on to find out.

Establish Your Presence

First, you need a solid social media account, and “solid” means filling out as much information in your profile as possible, including your business address, phone numbers, store hours, business description, and more. This information can all be indexed by Google, which can affect your business’s rankings. At the same time, you attract more traffic because of the readily available information. More traffic leads to better search engine rankings as well.

Build Your Online Community

Next, you can build your social media following, not by buying them, but by attracting genuine followers. The quality and quantity of your followers will matter. Along with a great content marketing strategy, you can foster a genuine community around your company or brand, leading to increased website traffic and higher ROI.

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Deliver Unforgettable Content

Speaking of a content strategy, you need stellar content that constantly delivers. You can only build your following and create reliable inbound links when you have great content. Inbound links help make your website authoritative and relevant in your field or industry. More authority and relevance mean higher search engine rankings.

Choose Your Next Move

From here, you can go any way that you see as integral to long-term success. Influencer marketing, for example, can help you expand your social media reach and allow for better chances of gaining thousands of inbound links. You can also localise your content and cater to the needs and wants of people in your location. This way, you cultivate your brand identity and start in your immediate area.

With these steps, you can successfully integrate social media marketing into your search engine optimisation campaign. While the two strategies can be pursued separately, they become a more powerful marketing tool when combined.