How Important is SQL?

SQL ServerBack in 1999, the first part of the Matrix trilogy was released in theaters, and it had people marvel at the wonders (and power) of the computer. While it is a purely fictional movie, the use of computers and database hits close to reality. In the film, Neo and his team of hackers can be seen reading and figuring out green codes to know what is happening in the other reality.

Realistically speaking, these green codes, the computer’s unique language, is more commonly known as the Structured Query Language (SQL).

What is SQL?

To simply define it, SQL is the unique medium used to communicate with databases. And SQL could also refer to server consultants like DBA Services, or someone who has knowledge with regards to the field can do so.

The primary function of SQL is to allow movement of data in the database. It works by analyzing and understanding databases based on the fields of data within tables.

Why is it important to learn SQL?

One of the most obvious reasons why having SQL knowledge is important is because of the world’s increasing reliance on modern technology. Thus, making SQL a skill that is of high demand. Having the right combination of education and experience in SQL and you would surely be on your way to earning a lot of money while climbing your career ladder.

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Career wise, SQL knowledge can help you and your company be more productive. This means no more crashing Excel files, inaccurate and missing data, as well as primitive report tracking, thus making one’s work life more efficient. This explains the sudden increase in database reliance of industries both big and small.

Not everyone understands how SQL works, but for those who do, it is something worth utilizing, and not to mention, make money out of. Explore your field and give SQL a try.