Hotel Rooms without Free WiFi can Easily become an Island in the Pacific

WiFi Network for GuestsExpectations can be a strange animal. When guests check into a posh hotel and is left alone in their room, chances are they’re going to ask the phone operator for the password of the hotel WiFi. Being told they need to pay up to get internet access could be the very reason they start regretting their stay.

Studies by E-Communications and Networking indicate that “WiFi for my hotel” is one of the first thoughts in many travelers' minds. Without the benefit of connectivity, your hotel may lack the competitive advantage you need.

The Magic of Connectivity

If there was one way to connect everyone on Earth, the Internet would have to be top of the list – something most apparent in placing a call. Before, you need to call long distance just to talk to somebody halfway across the world. Now, with Skype, FaceTime, and other such services, not only can you talk to somebody far away, you can see their faces as well.

Even more astounding, social media has emerged to be a driving force in uniting people, changing the political landscape in the process. This is exactly the reason recent upheavals in Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia were dubbed the “Twitter revolution,” the Guardian notes.

Best Service You can Give

Internet access should be one client need that must be available in your hotel. Without such a service, your hotel can easily be branded as archaic, largely out of sync with the times – in short, a dinosaur.

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Improvements in your hotel such as giving your lobby a facelift are timely. However, no service may give you a two-thumbs up from your guests more than a free and reliable WiFi. Recent studies show that more than 90% of business travelers expect free WiFi access in their rooms. Worse, a third would rather not return to a hotel that does not cater to these needs.

Free WiFi gets your valued guests connectivity – so they won’t feel like trapped on a remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.