Hiring a Private Nurse: What You Need to Know

Elderly With Their CaretakerWhen it comes to providing elderly care, families have two choices: hiring a home care agency or hiring a private nurse. Many choose the latter because of the more personalised care it can provide. If this is your choice as well, below are the things you should do before getting a private nurse.

Assess Your Home Care Needs

Before finding a private nurse, determine the needs and consider the situation of your elderly. Check specific areas, such as:

  • Personal care (bathing, eating, dressing, toileting)
  • Healthcare (medication management, physician’s appointment, physical therapy)
  • Emotional care (companionship, activities, and conversation.) 

If possible, ask the elderly who will be receiving the care as well.

Conduct an Interview and Background Check

Meet and interview the private nurse in consideration. Ask about their experience in elderly care and if they know anything about disability care at home. Real Support Choices added to make sure that this person gets to meet the patient, so you can pay attention to their interactions. Lastly, run a background check to ensure the nurse’s authorisation and that you get the right person for the job.

Provide a Job Description

Elderly care is complex, especially without a job description. Write one and make sure that the nurse agrees with everything written on it. Be straightforward and specific. If you could, provide the nurse’s day-to-day responsibilities such as feeding, bathing, toileting, medication management, need to lift a person and operate special equipment, need to provide meaningful activities, and even driving.

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Set Up a Trial Period

You may think that you already have a good choice based on the candidate’s resume and interview, but don’t set anything permanently yet. Talk to the nurse about a trial run. Explain that you need this to check if he or she can adjust well. To make things legal, make sure to provide a probationary contract and determine the compensation you’ll be giving for that specific period.

Getting a private nurse will bring many changes to your home, which is why it is only important to hire a loving, dedicated, and skilful one. Follow the above-mentioned tips to give the right care for your loved one.