Getting into Sports to Keep Yourself Fit and Active

Men playing baskteballWhile there’s nothing wrong with going to the gym, why don’t you instead get into sports to stay fit and active? With sports, you can get your competitive juices flowing, interact more with people, and basically just have fun. So trade in the dumbbells and treadmills for a radar speed gun and baseball glove, BMX bike, or karate uniform, and take up a sport.

Ball Sports

More commonly known as ball games, ball sports are a great way to get some exercise. The good thing about these sports is that most of them can be played without any long-term formal training. You probably learned the basics of basketball and volleyball in gym class, for example, so you already know how to play them. Baseball, football, tennis, and golf are some of the other ball sports.

Combat Sports

To stay active while also learning self-defense, try taking up a combat sport, which can be armed or unarmed. Fencing and kendo are examples of armed combat sports, while karate, kickboxing, and wrestling are unarmed combat sports. To properly and safely learn these sports, however, you’ll most likely have to undergo formal training. Of course, you also need to prepare yourself to suffer a black eye or two when training!

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Cycle Sports

Whether it’s for commuting or sports, bicycles help people work up a good sweat. Plus, riding a bike lets you enjoy the outdoors. Just a leisurely turn around your neighborhood can already make for a great exercise. If you want an adrenaline-pumping form of bicycle riding, though, try cycle sports. You can satisfy your need for speed with road bicycle racing, track cycling, or bicycle motocross (BMX), or get into freestyle mountain bike trials to truly master your bike.

Give sports a shot when it comes to keeping yourself fit and active, and you just might realize how boring going to the gym is compared to playing sports.

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