From Traditional to Digital Lead Generation: Transitioning From Brick and Mortar

Digital Media Concept from SydneyIf your business is still up and running despite having no website or any online presence, then congratulations! But, that wouldn’t be for long.

With the popularity of digital marketing and the increase of mobile usage across the world, traditional businesses that are yet to integrate their services online would soon face a decline in terms of lead generation.

Digital Ads, a design agency in Sydney, suggests that algorithms and mathematical rules for processing information will soon overtake and influence how prospects look for services. While it’s still possible to generate leads via traditional means, it won’t be able to match the 80-90 percent of the consumers searching for products and services online.

Forced and Welcomed Changes Across All Industries

At this moment, every winning company is now mastering and re-calibrating their online schemes to shape the concentration of the end-to-end customer experience back to their websites. They accomplish this via the following:

  • The Cloud – As a storage technology, cloud services enable users to upload their data autonomously on cloud servers, which are accessible from any place with an Internet connection. But, this also means that businesses can use the consumers' data uploaded to customize their products and services according to the preference of the cloud user.
  • Mobile Apps – Unless it’s a paid app, most mobile apps have tiny ad spaces somewhere on the screen. While an app may be free, it comes with the condition that the users must watch these ads or sometimes perform surveys and other interactions.
  • Wireless Services – Although not as popular as the cloud and mobile app development, wireless services from business establishments can also gather customer information whenever they connect or visit a particular portal.
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The Call to Change

Business decline due to low traffic volumes can be due to a lot of factors. But, if your business doesn’t have an online or digital platform, it’s impossible to assess any change.

There is no better time than today to start transitioning traditional businesses to the online media. Not only will this revolutionize the product and service delivery, but an already established company can also find itself in a productive resurgence.