Euro-Based Enterprises Needs Responsive Mobile Workforce to Move Forward

Mobile workforceThe change to the European economy following the Brexit vote has caused businesses to analyse their current standing and consider adapting to the change. To stay afloat and advance in today’s new world, many businesses are recognising the need for mobile service management.

According to JobLogic, mobile service management is an integral part of every modern business. A company that is yet to embrace modern mobile service management lacks the versatility and flexibility to advance in the new, modern world.

BM Magazine reports, ‘A study found fundamental failings and regional inconsistencies are playing havoc with European enterprises working to adopt mobility for strategic gains and derive value from mobile investments’.

For this reason, ironically, Europe should now, more than ever, be open to diversity to keep-up with the current structure of the global economy.

An Interconnected Business Model

Based on the study, half of European businesses fail to establish basic enterprise mobility management (EMM). This is a vital factor enabling businesses to keep track of their operations efficiently and cost-effectively. If a business struggles with bringing people, technology, processes, and devices together, it may start to lag behind their competitors. With a clear and dedicated strategy for mobile workforce, businesses can improve their operations, streamline their processes and start to see results.

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Integral Advantages of EMM

Apart from the sizeable opportunities brought by the remote capabilities of mobile workforce collaborations, experts also view the change as a catalyst that will redefine enterprises across Europe. The study also reveals that ‘an overwhelming 61 per cent of European enterprises’ that has no EMM experience little to no progress at all.

Not Another Vote for Change

Currently, some long-standing, typically service industries, in the British economy have a significant lack of progress in terms of workforce mobility. This is also similar for the wider European economy, signalling an opportunity for both British and European-based enterprises to start advancing their processes and use of technology in the workplace. With the current situation in the global economy, it is now advisable for British companies to take advantage of technological advances and advance as a whole.