Do You Have What It Takes to Deliver (Mail)?

Courier ServiceCourier services have always held a special place in the world. In the age before wired, and later wireless, communication, couriers were tasked to deliver everything from the mundane to the most secret and priceless.

From Foot to Fleet

In the past, there was no way to find out when a package would arrive. Sometimes, these may even come as a surprise. After all, any type of communication or delivery relied solely on the speed a person could travel either on foot or horseback. As technology grew and modes of transportation improved, courier services grew and improved alongside them. It then became possible to alert a recipient to expect a package, even estimate how long it may take to arrive.

Business Solutions

Online transactions have become increasingly common, with business occurring at all hours across time zones. Business owners and their customers expect the safe and timely arrival of their packages.

Courier services have stepped up to the challenge. There are even companies that specialize in developing mail solution systems including packaging material to free shipping software to track parcels. Though still limited by distance, it is now possible to send and receive letters and packages in as little as twenty-four hours.

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Breaking into the Business

To start your own courier business, the first step is, of course, to register the business. Decide whether to cater to residential or commercial customers. You can also choose to serve both. You may also set the types of packages you will accept, including the weight and size. That can help you choose the vehicle you start the business with. Keep your prices competitive; if your prices are too high, customers are less likely to choose you.

Meticulously record each customer’s details to avoid errors. Providing timely pick-ups and deliveries will create repeat customers. Later on, you can choose to expand and hire extra staff, even establish a larger office and warehouse.

Talk to an insurance company about providing package insurance. This both protects your business allowing you to compensate the client should anything happen to their mail. This way, they can be assured that you provide service that truly delivers.