Conveyor Systems for Industrial Applications: Types and Functions

conveyor belt systemBelt conveyors, powered roller conveyors, and tabletop conveyors are some of the types of conveyors that you can choose when looking for a filling and packaging conveyor system. You should consider the products that you will be handling, dimensions of the products, weight, work environment, and machine power requirements. What is important is that you facilitate the transportation of materials when handling bulky or delicate goods in large quantities. However, when choosing among conveyor systems, considering these different types will be quite helpful:

Belt Conveyors

These are ideal for applications involving gradient changes. Most belt conveyors come with aluminum profile belt supports, a driving unit with counter bearings, motor brackets, and an extremity unit with pulleys and clamping straps. Depending on your industry’s application, you can also ask your filling and packing equipment supplier to supply you with other add-on modules such as lateral guides and stands.

Powered Roller Conveyors

These are in three categories: zero pressure, live roller, and minimum pressure conveyors. Except for live roller conveyors, all powered roller conveyors are ideal for use in applications where the products vary in weight and width and accumulate at the packaging end during the transport process. With the help of the drive, you can shift the direction of the conveyor to suit your industrial application.

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Tabletop Conveyors

Beverage and pharmaceutical industries typically use tabletop conveyors. They serve as buffer conveyors for cans and bottles with low friction. These conveyors are used in applications that require cleanliness, low noise, and low friction. They are also used for wash down application and open-type design that allows debris and crumbs to fall down.

You can access different conveyor system technologies for your material handling needs. Regardless of your material handling technology, you can get a conveyor system to facilitate your filling and packaging processes further. However, work with an expert in conveyor systems to help you choose an appropriate type of conveyor for your company’s applications.

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