Company Resources You Can Save on When You Buy More

Office WorkplaceBuying in bulk is a cost-effective way to cut down on office expenses. People usually do this for office materials, equipment, and other items that you consume on a daily basis.

But two highly utilized resources can increase technological efficiency and yield savings for the company when bought in bulk and wholesale.

Item #1: Batteries

The workplace is full of devices powered by batteries. This ranges from the UPS units to the biometric scanners at door entries. Electronic door locks and other wireless electronic devices depend on battery power, too.

Imagine a biometric scanner unable to validate information because it is running low on battery. Also, a UPS that’s supposed to work as a backup power source in case of an outage or an interruption but fails to do so.

Having a large supply of batteries on hand lessens any battery-related downtime and ensures that all of these important devices are always operational.

Item #2: SIP Trunking Services

Many companies still pay a huge amount of money for office phone bills, month after month. Some pay even more for additional services like remote call forwarding on top of unutilized phone lines. Companies can save up to 60% of the total cost of their annual office phone bill by switching to SIP Trunking.

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This type of communication service allows users to make calls even when they are away from their desk, as long as they have access to the network. For offices, this means no hardware cost and low maintenance costs.

You also eliminate some of the usual monthly recurring fees, and they only bill a one-time setup up payment for services. Find a wholesale SIP trunking provider who offers this service at wholesale prices and provides different packages to meet different communication requirements.

Both of these resources are vital to the company’s operations, though mainly working behind the scenes. Investing in these resources in the right manner can increase efficiency and annual savings, which the company and its employees can directly benefit from.