Combining Man and Machine to Create a Retail Giant

Combining Man and MachineBefore, no one would see retail staff hoding radios to communicate with each other. It always goes like this: customer needs something, all other personnel are busy and the customer has to wait long for an answer. In today’s wildly critical society, big chains don’t put anything at risk and equip their staff with the tools they need to enhance customer service.

It’s the same with e-commerce sites. While they’re not physically able to help customers, they should always be available to assist. Whether it’s to provide additional information or to straighten some purchasing issue, there should always be someone at hand to help.

Clear Commerce

Any budding store owner must know that owning a retail business is a daily grind. It’s not just about collecting money at the end of the day, though that is the goal. In between, there’s monitoring sales, contacting the supplier and serving hundreds of customers. Solely relying on people to multitask would be inadvisable, as it will exhaust everyone and create a toxic work environment.

This is where Fluent Retail and providers of retail solutions come in. They modernize the way things get done inside the store: constant communication, better workflow and enhanced network management. It’s hard to beat a system that’s integrated with everything, one that knows who’s in, how much a store earned and if customers got what they wanted.

Conglomerates as Role Models

Think Uniqlo or Amazon; they are prime examples of a retail business done right. Amazon’s good service is so good that it affects their customers, most evident in each product’s Q&A section. On the other hand, Uniqlo always has those counters filled and are always available to help everyone. It won’t be possible without a seamless system that allows constant service.

It’s not just big chains that can integrate this system. Medium-sized enterprises can do, too, albeit in a limited fashion. Nevertheless, anything that helps with the operation is welcome. A well-oiled store or website is always a step in the right direction.

Katherine Barchetti’s eternal quote should spearhead an enterprise’s quest for success: make a customer, not a sale. With a system that guarantees a good experience, that may just be possible.

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