Build Your Email List: 3 Ways to Get More Subscriptions

While email marketing is considList of Spam Mailered an old-fashioned strategy, it is one that hasn’t completely lost its spark. If done right, email continues to move the conversation about your products and services in a more personal way. It provides the most direct line of communication, which deepens your relationship with your audience.

The only downside to this strategy, however, is that recipients are often passive. It is a challenge to get them to subscribe to your email. Experts in email and web marketing services, however, share quick tips and tricks to increase email subscriptions:

1. Direct Call to Action

When writing your call to action, it is better to tell customers what to do instead of begging or asking them to perform a specific action. Stay away from soft forms of persuasion that tries too hard to please everyone. Use direct language for email signups to give audiences assurance that they are doing the right thing. The line, ‘Subscribe today and get started’ is way better than ‘Why not subscribe to our mailing list?’

2. Exclusive Subscribers Incentive

One excellent way to attract more subscribers is to give them exclusive access to something. Give them exclusive email offers, promotions, newsletters, or even a discount to your products and services. Just make sure to keep your promise so customers won’t be disappointed.

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3. The Power of Social Proof

Numbers are a powerful tool that can attract more people. Visitors need the opinion of other people or subscribers to validate their decision to join. If you don’t have a good number of subscribers to show yet, you can use testimonials in your signup area. This can be beneficial if you can get it from someone known or respected in the industry.

Take your email sign ups to a higher level by understanding the logical mental processes of your readers. You need to make them feel that they are part of an exclusive group that can benefit them in the long run. This can help you grow a list of subscribers, which can be your source of income in the future.