Basic Levels of Business Matching

Practical EcommerceBusiness for SMEs in Malaysia was not that rosy in the past. A significant number of SMEs closed their doors within the first year in operation, according to numerous research studies. Fortunately, you can now avoid this eventuality for your SME with business matching.

Business matching refers to an activity or event that brings similar businesses together to network, conduct interviews, and pitch their products. The exposure and opportunities that business matching will offer your SME are matchless. There are different services grouped into levels provided by business matching companies. Here are some of them:

Level One

This level primarily focuses on providing a point of contact and information to different business people. The information tends to be general and includes company names and contact information. This information can be used to boost your marketing efforts as you can get different people for your mailing lists. Most business matching companies do not charge their members for level one services.

Level Two

This level is also contact-based, but the information is specific rather than general. The activities here include marketing contact services that identify your business’ key market contacts and business missions in other countries and around your business locality. These give you a rare opportunity to market your business’ products and services to clients who will most likely invest in them.

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Level Three

The services in level three business matching center on consultancy and research. Consultancy focuses on market selection that provides you with information on possible entry barriers and market demand. Research enhances your understanding of the expected market competition, pricing of similar products, and services as your target market.

Business matching might seem like an unnecessary cost to most small companies. However, the services mentioned above make it worth your investment. To reap the highest rewards from business matching, work with an experienced company focused on helping you break even.