Are You a Digital Marketing Pro? Here’s What You Need to Know

Digital Marketing in SydneyA digital marketer recognises the distinctions of new web patterns and how they function. You should understand how every digital and social channel works with one another. SEO companies in Sydney understand what makes paradigms tick to draw more users to your site. So, what skills do you need to make it to the top?

Data Analysis

In the SEO world, they toss around the term ‘big data’ carelessly. What most marketers don’t get is that big data doesn’t matter; what matters is what you do with the data at hand. A digital marketing pro will need the assistance of an analytical scientist to conquer the art of marketing. They will need to have access to technology platforms and tools. This new partnership is vital for the marketing paradigm.

Email Marketing

Email in the 21st century is not as simple as it used to be. As a digital marketing pro, you will need to look into conversions, open rates, niche targeting and bounce rates analysis. Most marketers never really understood its importance as a marketing tool.

The New York Times released a report stating that even though there are over six million emails in their databank, they still don’t have a proper email marketing platform. They have to manually pull out the email list from their systems. Social media is ideal for brand awareness, but clients will most likely want to get in touch with you through email.

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Content Marketing

A digital marketer should know that content is important in marketing. You will need infographics, free eBooks, blog posts, images and the like. If you do this right, you will get more leads and sales, heightened engagement, and improved SEO.

A digital marketing pro also needs to learn paid social media advertising, search engine marketing, technology tools and platforms, as well as social media, viral, mobile and visual marketing.