6 Safety Advice When Handling Electrical Equipment

Handling Electronic EquipmentSafety should always be the priority. As such, workers must follow a specific set of rules when working with electricity. If you work in the industry, here are some advice on how you can prevent fatal accidents in the workplace:

  • When working with electricity, TASCO, Inc. noted that you need to treat every device as if they are energized. Yes, even an electrical branch circuit identifier. If you accidentally made contact with a live circuit, there’s no second chance.
  • Observe caution and best practices, like wearing protective clothing and tools, when handling electrical devices. If you are repairing the equipment, double or even triple check if it is already unplugged from the power source before touching it.
  • Remove metallic objects from your body before servicing any electrical equipment or handling any device. This includes personal items, such as rings and wristwatch. If you’re using metallic tools, such as rulers or pens, you need to remove those too before working with anything that conducts electricity.
  • Routinely check your equipment for signs of malfunction and if you do find one, make sure you label them properly with a “Do Not Use” sign. It is better if you can remove them from the workplace and send them immediately for repair to prevent any misfortunate usage of uninformed individuals.
  • There should be enough electrical sockets around the facility to prevent overcrowding one power source. In cases of an emergency, do not pull a plug out of the socket using the cable.
  • When doing electrical work, never touch circuits or any equipment with wet hands. This is very important because water increases the electric current’s conductivity. Take time to dry your hands before resuming work.
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Sometimes, people often disregard common sense in the middle of a busy day at work. But when you’re working with electricity, there are no second chances. Accidents can be fatal, so follow the advice mentioned above to lower the risks of incidents in the workplace.