5 Best Reasons You Should Have a Convention and Visitors Bureau App

Business MeetingThe bulk of the conversation around events and mobile applications includes conference directory apps—computerized variants of the printed exhibitor catalog and meeting plan utilized by participants.

There are some developers concentrating on their version of a convention and visitors bureau app, however. These five reasons may call your attention to how important this is.

Customer Service Improvements

Managers of convention services depend mostly on their smartphones, tablets, and PCs to quickly access data on the facilities they use (food and drink orders, room booking, a/v requests, etc.) to answer inquiries or to roll out improvements as they go. The need to be connected to the office clashes with the double necessity of being far from it to take care of what clients need. A CVB app running with the conference center database enables convention services managers to handle customer requests from wherever they are.

Fewer "Abandoned Carts"

Sales managers need quick and updated information at their fingertips. When a potential client calls to ask about the availability of a room, a conference center’s seating capacity, etc., the sales manager has to be ready with the answer. Clients hate being put on hold, which is what usually happens if the sales manager is not in the office and has to call someone to pass on the question. A CVB app eliminates this problem, as the sales manager simply has to check on their smartphone wherever they happen to be.

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Ability to Change Orders on the Fly

Anybody who has dealt with a planner knows a planner will change their minds several times before everything is finalized. They need a room reset in an unexpected way, more seats, another LCD projector or a new menu. With a CVB app, staff can apply changes almost instantly to reflect what the planner needs.

Clients Are Empowered

Meetings waste a lot of time, but planners and CSMs have to meet before and after an event several times to make sure everything is in order, and then to discuss accounts. With a CVB, the client can stay on top of everything whenever and wherever.

People Don't Have to Report All the Time

CSMs and their staff have to be on the same page at all times. The only way to make that happen is to hold meetings, perhaps every day. But with a CVB app, everyone can be on the same page even if they don’t call or meet each other all the time.

A CVB app is a necessity. If you aren’t using one yet, you are still using old-fashioned ways to manage your events and keep in touch with clients. Get a CVB app and spend less time worrying about your events, and more time growing and enabling your organization and your client base.

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