4 Top Fire Sprinkler System Malfunctions to Prepare For

Fire SprinklerThere’s every chance that you haven’t yet experienced a fire sprinkler system malfunction in your Utah residence or business. There’s a good reason for that. Such malfunctions are far less likely than the chances of being struck by lightning.

That is not to say that you don’t prepare in case one day a problem happens. Here are four top reasons your sprinkler system could break down.

Human Sabotage

This is by far the commonest cause of sprinkler system malfunctions. The reason your fire sprinkler system warns you against hanging on the sprinkler is because some people actually do that and thus cause damage to the system. Painting over the system is another common act that interferes with the functioning of the system.


Where sprinkler systems are installed in areas that are in extreme conditions, it is possible for the pipes and sprinkler heads to freeze. Freezing causes cracking, and when the ice thaws, the pipes, and shower heads may start leaking.

The remedy, of course, is to invest in anti-free solutions, insulation around the pipes, valves that keep water out of the system when not needed.

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Every sprinkler system has heat sensitivity. When that sensitivity is exceeded, especially during high heat periods in the summer, then the sprinkler system could malfunction. With that said, however, the design of many fire sprinkler systems take into account the highest heat summers and will seldom fail.


As with the rest of your plumbing, it’s possible for damage to build up within the system and affect its functioning. The best cure is to keep the system well maintained through annual inspections. Take note of any corroded parts and replace them promptly.

The odds of your home sprinkler heads expelling water and causing a flood in your facility are very minimal. All you need to do is avoid a few situations that could compromise the proper functioning of the system.